Hackthebox servmon forum

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Hackthebox servmon forum

The full TCP Scan reveals one more port than the -A scan, porthowever at this point, I do not yet know what to do with that. Lets first focus on the FTP server. As I did not have a clue what that was, I asked around and got some very useful links including this video series from Dapp university on web3. Using the links and documents, researching it for about half a day I was finally able to understand a bit more about how to use the smart contract provided.

In addition, this link from stackexchange provided me with a simple way to actually use the provided smart contract file. The first step was to use web3. The next step, is to use the address provided in the address. Now that this is done, it is time to verify if all commands were successful and see we can get the contract Methods and use them. Ok, so that worked, now off to understanding how the setDomain function works. During all trial and error, something interesting came along which was most likely caused by someone else targetting the same box, but it immediately gave me a hint about the next step.

This actually caused me a lot of frustration as I completely missed the part that you have to use the. So first, we have to see which accounts are present. So that returns an array of account addresses. The next step is to use one of the accounts from this array and set the address into the defaultAccount variable.

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And in the other terminal we started a listener on port so I would be able to catch that request! So I first created the. So now I can finally browse around as if it I am a normal user and do the things I would normally do! After some looking around, we find a CSV file, a maintain directory a gen. So there are several users and also, corresponding public keys are there.

Lets now take a look at the python script.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Skip to content. Automated Recon Script for Hackthebox machines hackthebox. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. Branch: master. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit. Git stats 8 commits 1 branch 0 tags. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. Creates different panes for different tasks. Automatically types basic enum commands for you, just just gotta hit enter.!!!


Creates different folders to keep things organized. Creates a Notes.

hackthebox servmon forum

Todos The script should send recon commands based on os type. About Automated Recon Script for Hackthebox machines hackthebox. Releases No releases published. Contributors 2. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.As with all machines, we start with a portscan on all ports, slightly adjusted as reviewing hackthebox videos teaches me a bit of useful stuff too! So I see that ports 80 and are running a web server.

Gobuster on port 80 yields no results, gobuster on port on the other hand…. Some further analysis learns that this is an ElasticSearch system. After some research regarding attack paths, it appears that this can be queried using a simple Node tool called elasticdump. So I install it. And then start to fiddle with it. After some playing around with it, and dumping the various endpoints, I get to the quotes endpoint skipping all others here because that would be a lengthy analysis of everything.

So I dump the quotes data into a json file and open it with nano. After some browsing through the results I see two entries that appear to contain an encoded string. So the username and password are stored in an encoded format. Not a smart thing to do! Since the only entrypoint that I found so far, is the SSH server, I try the combination there and find the user flag instantly!

After getting a shell, the first thing was of course to browse around and see where I have access to. It became clear quite quickly that this server had an entire ELK ElasticSearch Logstash and Kibana stack installed and that I did not have access to all configuration files unfortunately. However through simple analysis I could see that several services are accessible only on this local machine. After simply forwarding the port with SSH, I find the final confirmation that it is indeed a kibana installation and start browsing through the App.

After not finding much useful here, I start doing some additional research and come across this article about CVE which looks promising so I start to replicate the steps. First I create a JavaScript file on the target machine. After quite some fiddling with the request, finding out that these requests are anything but stable, I finally got a shell as user kibana. Still not as root though, unfortunately.

After thinking again about not having access to some of the logstash configuration files, I decided to go back to them and check their contents. If I check for write permissions, it appears that my current user kibana has write access to that directory, so I can now add a commando and it will be executed as long as the formatting is correct. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Follow all reddit rules and obey reddiquette. No commercial advertisements. No Personally Identifying Information! HackTheBox: ServMon - writeup by t3chnocat t3chnocat. Ah this box is finally retired eh? Lovely experience. Learnt a whole lot about how Windows handles files,something I never ever would have thought to search for lol. And it was my first box ever,mind you xD thank god for forums and VBscrub I think that's the name himself being so helpful.

I haven't interacted with vbscrub but I gave him a shoutout in my Monteverde writeup and plugged his YouTube channel simply because his videos have been so helpful for Windows related things.

Thanks for the write up! Seems definitely on the easier side. Was just about to get around to doing this one but ran out of time I hear you on the lack of time, I've been busy and now have a backlog of boxes to tackle. I would have had an easier time with this box if i had tried the API sooner. I don't come from a development background and have historically been intimidated by them.

At least this box taught me they aren't so bad. I'll try to post mine and see if ti's removed. Edit: Let's see if this crosspost get removed soon.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit Link.As with any box, I start with a port scan. On this box, as its name is Scavenger, a lot of additional information rabbit holes are presented throughout the attempt to root the box.

I decided not to include all the things that I found, just those that were required to root the box. First thing I decided to check was the web server. Usually that is not the best thing to do as websites can be huge so they will take up a lot of time.

When trying to access it on the IP address, I was immediately presented with an error stating that the virtual host was not available. On the scavenger. So I had to do some additional analysis. Using the Authentication bypass list from PayloadAllTheThings and combining that with a simple while loop, I was able to enumerate 4 unique domain names.

These can be used against the DNS server found on port 53 to see if there are any identifiable sub domain names. After a lot of time analyzing each of the virtual hosts, I came up to the sec As with all other domains, I ran gobuster against this domain with a search for the php extension and found a potentially interesting shell.

Since, during my analysis the box got reset, it was not very likely that this shell. After some searching on the target, the first thing I found was the credentials for user ib01c Browsing this FTP directory showed little valuable stuff the same to which I already had access through the web shell. After spending some time, I decided to continue on the web shell and see what other things I could find. One of those things was check if there were any messages available for user ib01c After loging in to the FTP Server, I found some interesting files in an incidents folder, apparently some evidence of a security incident.

AFter getting all the files, I started analyzing them one by one. Analysis of the network packets shows some interesting things.

One of these things is a number of POST request to the pwnhats. Analyzing the network capture file, shows password GetYouAH4t! Since the incident was related to the ib01c01 account, I tried this account on the FTP server and it appeared to work.

Now one other thing that was remarkable while browsing through the wireshark file, was the presence of a root.

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Since this could be promising, I investigated the root. In the wireshark file, I already could see the used devices confirmed. Time to check if the device is present and, if as required by the documented exploit, the permissions are set correct.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to work with the common g0tr0ot flag. Perhaps the binary was altered so I have to see if I can find the root. I have been spending quite some time on the box without much success. After checking this with various users, I finally tried it as the ib01c01 user who also had access to the user flag. There I found the triple dotted directory which I had overlooked several times. After downloading the file, all that was left is analyze it for the correct flag for submitting.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.This was for sure one awesome hackers-themed box. Although I did not realise that at first. Nevertheless, as with any box, I start with a port scan. So there is nothing that really stands out, hence it is time to visit the website and check if it contains any vulnerabilities that can be abused.

What’s Hot on Dark Net Forums? ‘Fraud Guides’

After visiting the site, the first part did not directly ring a bell, until I came up to the meet the team page. This is a box themed after the Hackers movie. It contained several pages but running a gobuster scan yielded nothing of particular interest.

So manual browsing and checking would be the way to go. Some further browsing, I came up on the articles pages. And that confirmed my suspicion that it was Hackers themed. The fact that something was misconfigured was confirmed after I tried to open the fourth message, it was not there and caused an list index out of range Python error.

More importantly, it gave access to a Traceback with Terminal function, this could become interesting. So we can also list files and my guess would be we can also read them.

But can we perhaps write to the authorized keys file and gain access to the box? Apparently I have just been able to write my ssh key to the authorized keys file which mean I should be able to log in. That worked. Hal has nothing else in his home directory though, so time to see if we can find any other users and perhaps have to escalate to them. After some searching around for interesting processes, binaries and files, I came across the backups directory which had an odd permissions setting.

The shadow. Lets take a look and see if any of the known users has an entry in that file.

hackthebox servmon forum

So all password hashes are there! Time to put them through hashcat and see if there is any result. After trying it though, I did not get access to his account so apparently the password was changed. The next password took quite some time about 15 minutes but eventually. Some simple strings analysis shows the password and grants access… however, nothing useful appears to be available within the application.

After browsing through the HTB forums, it appeared that the application should be vulnerable to a buffer overflow. After verifying on the box that it was indeed vulnerable, I decided to transfer it to my local machine for further analysis and seeing if I can abuse it. So now the offset is located atfrom there on we should continue. In this attempt I actually combined some things that I learned on Hackthebox — Safe with the ROP based Buffer Overflow such as using the dynamic addresses instead of hard-coding them.

According to the bitterman video, the next step is to find the puts location within the binary with objdump.

hackthebox servmon forum

In the video though, Ippsec already mentions that some of these addresses change every time. After confirming in a python terminal that I actually did understand using the ELF call for reaching the same locations, I simply included those in my exploit.

Since the bitterman approach for finding the pop rdi call did not work, I used the approach from Safe with ROPgadget to find the pop rdi address and included that in the exploit. Followed the instructions as to sending the payload and got a first POC working.

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The exploit. Executing the exploit. It nicely exits because of the incorrect password in the second run and does display a randomly leaked address in the first part.

Save user credentials globalprotect

This means that the first stage of the exploit is actually ready for chaining it onto the second part. The second part was actually a part where I got stuck for a long time. After trying over and over again to modify the code, I continued with the ROP function from pwntools which altered my python script for stage 1 quite a bit too, according to the instruction on the last 10 minutes of the bitterman video.Below, the output of the TCP all-ports scan. As the Ajenti application requires authentication and the node.

The FTP server allows for anonymous access, so first step is browsing around seeing if there is anything of interest to be found. Only one file to be found which contains a message from a person called Derry to a person called Chihiro. The message states that some source files should be stored somewhere. As the process of directory busting and nikto scanning takes some time, I started this just before the FTP server and it has come with some results.

The nikto scan already provided some interesting files to look into. The login. Therefore this login screen is considered a dead end and since there was nothing useful found on the remaining of the web server itself, time to move on to the node.

At a first glance, the node. As I am fairly unfamiliar with the topic, I resided to the Hackthebox forums and found a reference to a blogpost on medium explaining how to use Curl on JWT Bearer tokens. First step was to identify the API endpoints to be used by scanning them with wfuzz.

Some trial and error led to filtering out the errorotherwise, wfuzz would not run at all. By following the guidelines in the article, and some fiddling with the specific username, I was able to get a bearer token with the following request. After trying these credentials on all login portals Ajenti, the login. Leading to the conclusion that I must have missed something. As I could not think of a thing I missed so far, I resided to the forums again where it was pointed out that gobuster does not take the http error Unauthorized into account.

Seeing this message caused me to go back to the webserver on port 80 again with gobuster and specify the display of any error Opening this page, displayed an htaccess authentication box. After logging in, the full Ajenti portal was at my disposal and apparently running as root user on the system too.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Nmap 7. FTP Access The FTP server allows for anonymous access, so first step is browsing around seeing if there is anything of interest to be found.

Connecting to Logging in Login successful. Logged in to As you told me that you wanted to learn Web Development and Frontend, I can give you a little push by showing the sources of the actual website I've created. Normally you should know where to look but hurry up because I will delete them soon because of our security policies!

Derry Only one file to be found which contains a message from a person called Derry to a person called Chihiro.


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