Lucy is laxus mate fanfiction

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Lucy is laxus mate fanfiction

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I've been wanting to do a LaLu piece with Dragon Slayer mates. Lucy was not looking forward to entering the guild. Wrapped in bandages and purple bruises was not the way she wanted to see him again after being away for over a week.

She had half a mind to go back to her apartment, but knew it would be for naught. He would show up which beat the point of not going to the guild. Might as well get this over with. She sighed. The Celestial Mage ignored the amused look Ezra and Gray shared. She narrowed her eyes on Happy when he glanced at her and pressed his paw against his mouth to contain his chuckle, but failed miserably. Natsu was the only one who wasn't giving her any grief, but he was the one running toward the guild doors and pushed them open.

It was not a silence filled with tension, but with anticipation. Lucy mentally sighed. She could already feel his lividness and she didn't even have to look at her nakama to see they were enjoying this. The moment the guild doors opened Laxus knew she came back before Natsu even announced it. Her scent hit him before he caught sight of her. From his spot on the second floor he had a perfect view of Team Natsu. It was both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because he finally got to see her again. A curse because the moment he saw the bandages and purple bruises that marred her flesh he saw red. He knew she was trying to pacify him, but the instinct within him raged that he should have been there. He should have protected her. If he couldn't protect her then he must carry out retribution against those who did this to her. His thumb slid over the purple bruise and she trembled under his soft touch.

A reassurance that she knew he needed. Laxus knew she was right, but a Dragon Slayer's mate was their most prized possession. May the Gods have mercy on any who tried to hurt or take her from him because he won't. AN: I apologize for any grammatical errors. Even though it ended up being small I hope you guys liked it.

Please don't forget to review telling me what you think. I love hearing from you guys! Story Story Writer Forum Community. May the Gods have mercy on any who tried to hurt or take Lucy from him because he won't. Heavy footsteps coming down the stairs filled the silence. That's my girl. Pride swelled within his chest and quelled his thirst for vengeance.

lucy is laxus mate fanfiction

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Laxus X Lucy (M, Lemon warning) fanfiction

Search Archive Catergories :. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. Freed learns that his favorite dancer at a gay strip club, "Thor, " is about to get fired because his gruff ways don't get him customers.

Freed can save his job by hiring this blond dancer who, until now, has been unattainable perfection. What if the meeting between Lucy and Brandish in her bathroom went differently? Darnell LeSueur arrives in the mystical land of Magnolia all to promote his career as a pleasure seeker to both girls and boys.It's mating time for the dragonslayers and the first one up is our fire dragonslayer Natsu.

What awaits him and his destined mate, Lucy Heartfilia. By: rynhel. Summary: Natsu is in bound to have a mate but he is oblivious of his situation! And when he had a chance he just let it past? Hey wasn't Lucy and Natsu slept together? I never slept with him! He just sleep in my bed but I sleep in the floor! By: FrozenFireLight.

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Natsu arrived at Lucy's place and had Happy fly him up to the window like usual. It really was just the fastest way in. He cracked open the window and his sensitive nose was bombarded by the smell of booze. Opening the widow further until he could get in, he crawled. Lucy sobbed, gripping Natsu's arm. No, he wasn't against this wedding.

Actually, he was happy about Gajeel and Levy but there was something that was bothering him. Gajeel was now married with Levy and had a mate. Laxus was engaged with Mira and apparently had a mate. You're my mate and I'm yours. Tiny teeth with a few missing lit up the darkness in the room, and Natsu finally discovered a brilliant light, befitting her name.

The deep-rooted warmth he felt not only from the smile on Lucy's face but also in the next. You're his nakama. Besides we don't know that Lisanna is his mate. For all we know you really are his mate and he just really did forget! I know you don't see it but to me and everyone else it's always seemed like Natsu had feelings for you.

Lucy stood stock still as everyone slowly turned their gaze to her. A blush crept up over her cheeks. Lisanna walked over and put the vial in her hands. By: Booksmj7. Lucy is tired of everyone ignoring her ever since Lisanna came back.

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Now, Lucy has to learn to be a good mate and battle an unknown force that hates dragons and has a sinister plan. NaLu with a tiny bit of GaLe and others! Laxus knew she was right, but a Dragon Slayer's mate was their most prized possession. May the Gods have mercy on any who tried to hurt or take Lucy from him because he won't.Chapter is only found on AFF due to sexual content.

Yaoi so if you do not like two men in sexual situations please skip this chapter. The A tag placed on this chapter is to keep the Fanfic Net version's continuity in tact. Even if Fanfic net children won't be seeing this chapter, I want to avoid having to change ever single chapter heading for adult-fanfiction org version of the story. Everything Natsu depended upon for internal compasses to maintain his sanity rapidly changing, Natsu was teetering on a terrifying precipice.

Contrary to his Guild Mates' beliefs, Natsu was very familiar with constant anxiety. The emotion haunted Natsu's every breath and heartbeat, even in his sleep. It was impossible for Natsu to not to worry about how to control his dragon side around the clock.

Recent events had thrown Natsu into a chaotic situation with none other than Laxus, one of his stabilizing compass points.

laxus x natsu

Lucy was his other strongest compass point, eclipsing even Laxus longer standing role in Natsu's life. Never had Natsu felt half so uneasy as he did now that his pillars of stability were getting pulverized and reshaped. Natsu had placed Laxus in the role of big brother right after meeting the man. Although he never said it, Laxus was the man Natsu sought approval from, letting Natsu feel secure enough to grin despite his dragon side fighting against him.

Seeing Laxus so close to leaving the room unsettled Natsu more than he cared to acknowledge because Natsu was uncertain about his future.

Their time in the Linked World had shown Natsu everything he needed to know about his previously adopted brother. Seeing the horrific pain of Laxus past increased Natsu's esteem toward Laxus' unfailing strength.

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The main change had come once they all woke up and were interacting consciously in the normal world. Shifting roles between himself and Laxus bothered Natsu for reasons that he did not want to acknowledge. The possibility of rejection by Laxus was causing more anxiety than anything else in Natsu's life. Granted, Natsu wanted a chance to build a more connected relationship with Laxus, even if Natsu could not figure out where Laxus was willing to accept him.

Unlike others, Laxus was the most complicated person within Natsu's adopted family. Causing more pain for Laxus was the very last thing that Natsu wanted, even though Natsu was suffering due to his decision. Almost losing control over shakily sealed dragon instincts because of Laxus scent changing so dramatically over a week's time was not helping Natsu to stay in control. Dragon heat would bring Lucy and Laxus together without fail, and yet it was dragging Natsu into heat also.

Although Natsu was not a jealous person, his anxiety about where he would fit inside the exaltation was weighing heavily upon his mind.

Each day brought more dramatic shifts between Natsu and Lucy, as Laxus got closer to her. Natsu found himself holding back constant panic attacks about being replaced by Laxus in Lucy's heart.

The onslaught of dragon heat also threatened Natsu's tenuous relationship with Laxus since Natsu had no idea how to deal with also going into heat as Laxus magic drew him and Lucy into Laxus life to fully integrate their magics and persons into a single family.

Losing so much control over his dragon side earlier was uncomfortably enlightening for Natsu. Learning how strong his instincts had gotten in a single week shook Natsu's confidence in his ability to control his magic. Despite the aches and pains that lingered in his bones and muscles, Natsu was glad that Laxus had stopped him from doing something stupid.

Spit it out already. Now you're stuck being my Alpha which you don't want. A sad smile graced Laxus lips as he thumped Natsu's forehead in a gesture that shot adrenaline through Natsu's veins.Nothing last forever!

And so is lunch time! Well, maybe I will have them latter. After all, it is only lunch. He said that every time he wants to get out of this world, he put it on and forget everything.

He loves the headphone I gave him a few days ago and now he gives me this in case I need to get out of chain.

lucy is laxus mate fanfiction

At least it is better than him. Now they wanted to say sorry after what they had done to me? They even not see me as friend! Not anymore! I stand in front of the class, waiting for the bell to ring…. My detention finally over, I quickly run to the school gate. You know I have been never free since I moved to this town!

But can you forgive us for what we said and return to the Luce we know? What were you thinking? Please help me by being my screen for a little while! As I push the door, I see lots of costumers are here. But they are all giggling and whispering something. But what ever! I should focus on my work, right? Natsu, Gray, Erza and Mira. I knew that they will come. May I take your order? Wait a moment! Your orders will be seat as soon as possible!

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She is not going too much like the last time they get here… What wrong with her? Can I have a day off from now? I sigh as she walks out the door.

Laxus x Lucy

Well, or ex-friends! Even her best friend Levy!He couldn't help but noticing the lost-looking blonde sheepishly walking into the guild hall of Fairy Tail. He watched her walk to the bar, obviously recognizing the Sorcerer Weekly famous white-haired mage, and began to fan-girl over Mira-Jane. Mira-Jane smiled and asked the blonde something, in which the blonde replied with a vigorous nod.

The Master of Fairy Tail walked over to the two women, bouncing onto the counter. He smiled at them and started to chat with the blonde. He trained with me for a few months after we ran into each other awhile back.

So, where is the big teddy bear? Only because you're rejoining the guild and receiving your S-Class certification again.

lucy is laxus mate fanfiction

I was here when I was a kid. I passed the S-Class Exam with Laxus' help. Well, it was very nice meeting you! She really grew up, didn't she? I just can't believe she's here again. She passed her Exam at the youngest age ever in Fairy Tail. She is quite the special one. I remember you used to smile all the time.

Freed and Bixlow have been wondering who this blonde girl was.

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The two blonde kids pointed their index fingers in the air. Laxus smiled slightly at the picture as though he was remembering something fond and happy. She swallowed her growing tears. Sighing, Laxus jumped from the second floor to the first with Lucy following close behind. Be nice! He wasn't like this growing up. The two blondes left for the Magnolia train station in silence. Lucy kept glance at Laxus through the corner of her eye.Working on getting this next chapter up.

Despite the pull of weariness in his limbs and the soft rumble of his stomach, his mind whirred at lightning speed, unanswered questions percolating and growing with each passing moment. Green eyes narrowed, a frown pulling at his lips as Natsu strained his ears to listen.

He heard the snap of the last dregs of twigs in their wood supply as flames licked over them, brandishing the encroaching darkness of nightfall from the cavern. Idly he played with a small spark of flame along his fingertips, transferring the flickering orange burst of light from digit to the next. But his eyes never strayed from watching the girl, forcing back the questions that bubbled to his lips.

Soon enough someone would come looking for them. Hey tumblr! Thanks for giving my fourth story a chance, I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy! Fairy Tail was packed tonight as well but unlike any other days, cops and detectives of the ninety-ninth precinct were littering the place, moving around the bar like they owned the area.

And in a way, they kind of do. Soon, the place would go to their sergeant, Laxus. The officers and detectives pranced around with brimful mugs on their hands with a sense of ownership oozing out of their very beings, their chests puffed and heads raised with the confidence that comes with being in a familiar and home-like place. Natsu downed his mug and slammed it back to the table, startling his friends who were currently talking amongst themselves.

The sudden movement caused a sudden pang of headache to form inside his head, making him close his eyes in pain. Not cool. Natsu opened his eyes and sighed at the sight greeting him. Lisanna was laughing at something Cana said, her head thrown back in glee while her eyes were shut tight, the crinkles in her eyes appearing as she gave up on controlling her emotions.

She was smacking the table with so much force that the drinks were spilling from their containers but no one seemed to care. Maybe he should? Natsu looked away from the view and turned his head to Elfman, his mouth dropping in disbelief. Then, he nodded his head. Continue Reading. After a whole year of not uploading anything, it is my greatest pleasure to give you my newest work! I hope you all enjoy it! The night sky rumbled angrily, warning pedestrians to take cover within the safety of their homes.

Natsu turned to look at the dark clouds that loomed over him, urging him to hurry home before they burst and drench him with rain water. Pulling his duffle bag up, he picked up his pace towards the place he called home that he shared with his Russian blue cat, Happy.

He had dark complexion which hinted at his race and a curly bush of hair stood atop his head. Maximo, as Natsu had observed, only worked during weekends early mornings, and late night weekday shifts which made him think whether the young man was still a student or merely had too many regular daytime jobs.


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