Star wars rebels fanfiction kanan slaps ezra

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Star wars rebels fanfiction kanan slaps ezra

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 2. Ezra had always felt out-of-place from his parents. Dimension travel fic!

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Kanan wished so many times that Ezra could've lived in the temple, been allowed to grow and not be on the run from the Sith hunting them.

Now they have been given that chance whether it is a good thing or not has yet to be decided. Distant Stars by Rhymes of the Renegades reviews Thrown far beyond the edges of the Outer Rim, Ezra Bridger struggles for the sole purpose of surviving to returning home.

But he is forced to ally himself with Grand Admiral Thrawn, and the hated Imperials, as they encounter a terrifying new danger that could grow to threaten the entire galaxy. Mirage by CloudyRaven reviews It's been five years since Ezra left without a word, but the war continues to wage on. The Ghost crew faces a mission on Tatoonie with one question: who is this little girl with familiar eyes? A new age of darkness falls upon the galaxy, with a new Sith Lord rising to usurp The Emperor and reshape the Empire in their own twisted image.

Normal by CdnChrgr reviews The war is over and Ezra is back home. Things can finally go back to normal. But for two young adults who grew up in the rebellion, the question arises… what is normal? Maul kidnaps Ezra, convinced he is the only one who can keep the boy safe. Ezra, opting to follow the others back to Yavin, begins to prepare to fight in the Galactic Civil War.

In honor of his late master, Ezra takes on the name "Jarrus. If only the haunting visions of Maul could leave him alone and the fact that a Grand Admiral is hunting them all.

It's not until he meets an abused Force-sensitive child that he realizes his true potential. Kanan meets Ezra at a much earlier age. The last words Ezra ever said to her "I can always count on you" have been haunting her since the last time she saw him. When Ahsoka Tano reappears on Lothal, they team up to find the missing Jedi Padawan and bring him home. My take on Sabine and Ahsoka finding Ezra after the finale. Pain of the Dark by RetroMan21 reviews An old master, once powerful and feared, now rendered to a hurt, and nervous, seeker.

The past had hurt and scarred him, too much had been destroyed in front of him, and a new path has been opened to him. A different take on Maul's character, excluding whatever happens in season 7 of Clone Wars when that finally comes out. But it's not easy being a father and part of a rebellion at the same time especially when Lisa is part of the fight.

Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren are both Freshman, both with stories to tell and mysteries to unravel. And along the way to graduation, maybe something a little some special.

star wars rebels fanfiction kanan slaps ezra

Who knows?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Ezra Bridger has been alone his entire life. His classmates at school shun him, his teachers try to fail him, and his parents are non-existent. Enter Kanan Jarrus: the popular football player who catches every girl's eye.

Ezra wants nothing to do with him at first; after all, he's just another jerk. But does Kanan actually No, that's impossible. Darkness is ready to consume the boy. But has Kanan found him in time to save him from himself?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He needs to find answers to try to make sense of all of this and return things as they were When a Jedi falls for a Padawan, things with his current lover fall. Love found. First times ensue.

From the shindanmaker. I want to think it's a lie. But the previous person says it is not a lie. Oh, that's the worst. I felt the pain of grabbing my heart. I don't know what was said. When I listened again, he said again slowly. What is that word? I feel like I know. Ezra falls on the dark side. There's also a surprise at the end of the hunt. What's he planning?

Maybe he could meditate away the burgeoning pain in his joints, the hoarse dryness of his throat, the breathy rattle in his lungs.

That would have been nice. Even though he was blind, he knew the soft fuzz was black…as black as the vacuum of space between the light of the stars. A year. A year since Ezra joined the Ghost crew. A year since he found out he has the force. And eight years since his family was taken away. But when someone or some people come back from his past, everything changes.

Either for the better or the worse. Who are these people? How do they know Ezra? And how does he knows them?

star wars rebels fanfiction kanan slaps ezra

But most of all, what will happen to our beloved crew?Hanh Nguyen. After four satisfying seasons, numerous covert operations, flirtations with the Dark Side, tests of character, breathtaking planet-scapes, and exciting cameos, young Ezra Bridger Taylor Gray fulfilled his destiny as a Jedi and saved his planet of Lothal. In the process, he was whisked away by the Purrgil, those giant purple space whales that also have the ability to fly through hyperspace. Popular on IndieWire.

He has a series of defeats after losing the Death Star. His entire plan of fear is based on having a Death Star. So his fear of Luke skywalker drives his attention away from Lothal so those people ended up benefiting the end. It was all kind of a matter of timing. But I wanted to get through part of the story that you understood that happy ending. Much more also went down in the hour-and-a-half series finale, and at an advance screening last week, series co-creator Dave Filoni and key cast members — Taylor Gray Ezra BridgerTiya Sircar Sabine WrenSteven Blum Zeband Vanessa Marshall Hera Syndulla addressed some of the revelations and answered fan questions to the best of their ability.

In the finale, Ezra is tested when a disguised Palpatine Ian Diarmid tempts him with a happier alternate life, one in which his parents are still alive and waiting to welcome him. Knowing that his fellow rebels need him, Ezra turns his back on the tantalizing image, thus causing Palpatine to reveal his true face. You can figure out technically how he does that with old holograms or whatever.

He also knew that in working with the Purrgil, he would have to stay with them when they left, and that left his friends unsure about his ultimate fate. Now he understands he must do something similar. You never know. When the finale makes a time jump, however, Hera has a toddler, who is clearly the result of a deep and loving relationship with the former Jedi. Now we have evidence, and I had no idea [how serious]. Yeah, the baby shower will be next week.

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And I always thought that Rex would have this beard. Although Kallus eventually realized the error of his ways and began to help the rebels, that had always hung over him. In the finale, Zeb reveals to Kallus that many of the Lasat had not been killed and introduced him to his people.

I can be likable but a jerk. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. Back to IndieWire. Plus, the voice of Chopper revealed! Hanh Nguyen Mar 5, pm. View Gallery 20 Photos.

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Emma Thompson movies: 17 greatest films ranked worst to best GoldDerby 3 hours ago.Sorry, it took so long to update. This is requested by Fantasie Adventura Dreamwriter.

Hope you like it. Please give me prompts readers. Love ya. Ezra woke up feeling extremely hot. He kicked the covers off. He wiped his forehead and felt no sweat. That really concerned him. Shouldn't he be sweating with how hot he was? He groaned when his stomach lurched. He ran to the bathroom and threw up. He wiped his mouth. He went back to his and Zeb's room. He climbed up to his bunk. He stayed up for hours, trying to get comfortable. Sometimes he would be too hot.

Others he would be cold. The hot and cold flashes made it hard for him to fall asleep. He was roughly shook awake by Zeb. Ezra sat up groggily, trying not to puke. His head was aching. All he wanted to do was sleep. He started drifting off again, but Zeb dragged him out of the bed.

Zeb was glaring at him.

star wars rebels fanfiction kanan slaps ezra

The mission starts in five minutes," Zeb shouted. When he looked at Ezra, he was fast asleep again. Zeb was about to hit when Kanan stopped him. Kanan felt Ezra's forehead.

He pulled his hand away immediately. Ezra was burning up. Go tell Hera that we are going to have to postpone with mission. Now," said Kanan, when Zeb hesitated. Zeb left.

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Hera came in with some fever reducer. Kanan gently shook him awake. Kanan smiled encouragingly at Ezra when he scrunched his nose at the pills.He lived and fended for himself. And now, with the help of his Jedi training and the Force, both Ezra — and the audience — know what happened to his parents. Before that could be revealed though, the episode — called Legacy — started with a vision. He told his crew mates about it and they revealed they too have been looking for his parents, but have come up empty.

However, a new clue and some help from The Force gives Ezra a lead — Lothal, his home planet, and an escaped prisoner, X However, as a result of his mistake in the previous episode, the Empire beats them to their current location before they could leave for Lothal. Stormtroopers hit the ground along with Agent Kallus and the Inquistors.

The result? One of the coolest action beats in Rebels to date, Ezra owning Kallus. Watch it. Once the Rebels get away, the battle continued right above the city.

Hera exhibited some fancy flying including a great move where the Ghost clipped a piece off a Star Destroyer to stop a tractor beam. As that battle was happening, Hera told Kanan and Ezra to head off to check on his parents. They arrive on Lothal without incident, see a cat that Ezra recognized from his vision and chased it across the planet.

At the end of the chase, they found Ryder Azadi, voiced by the awesome Clancy Brown. Azadi is a former governor of Lothal who had just escaped from prison. It was a hard moment for him but thanks to The Force, and the mentorship of Kanan, Ezra was told that his parents will forever live in him.

Legacy was an oddly introspective episode of Star Wars Rebels. But it did it with a bunch of great action and a few nice nods to the original trilogy. Rebels is going on a short hiatus, coming back in early I just wish we had something to fill our Star Wars fix until then.

Contact the author at germain io9. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. This newsletter comes from the future. Germain Lussier. Filed to: TV Recap. Share This Story.Content approaching. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date.

Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. This article would benefit from the addition of one or more new images. Please upload a relevant canonical image, and place it here. Once finished, remove this notice. Living on thanks to the sacrifice of his MasterDepa Billabaon Kallerhe met the smuggler Janus Kasmirwho taught him how to survive as a fugitive.

Going into hiding, he forsook the Jedi ways for some timeswapping his blue -bladed lightsaber for a blaster. After working with the Twi'lek rebel operative Hera Syndulla during the Gorse conflictJarrus decided to join her nascent rebel cell. As Syndulla's second-in-command, the two came to develop a romantic relationship. After defeating the Grand Inquisitor in combat, Jarrus and his fellow rebels learned they were part of a larger rebellion and joined Phoenix Cell.

After months of retreat, Jarrus restored his connection to the Force and repaired his frayed relationship with Bridger with the help of a mysterious being called Benduwho taught him to see things through the Force. The reinvigorated Jarrus and his fellow rebels would continue fighting various adversaries including Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn and Maul, who sought to corrupt Bridger and destroy Obi-Wan Kenobithe key to destroying the Sith.

Regaining his confidence, Jarrus also taught the Mandalorian rebel Sabine Wren how to wield the Darksaber and helped her to rally the Mandalorians over to the rebel cause. As the Rebel Alliance escalated its struggle with the Empire, Kanan and his fellow rebels returned to free Lothala world which they had a special connection with. Jarrus eventually met his death around the year [3] the Battle of Yavin on Lothal, during the rescue of Hera Syndulla after Governor Arihnda Pryce ordered her walker to fire on the fuel pod they were on, sacrificing himself to allow his fellow rebels to escape.

Following Jarrus' death, he became a part of the Cosmic Forcemanifesting as a huge loth-wolf named Dumewhich appeared to Ezra several times. Later, Hera gave birth to their sonwhom she named Jacen. Over three and a half decades after his death, Kanan joined the spirits of all the great Jedi that ever lived, including his friend Ahsoka Tanoin encouraging the last living Jedi, the young aspirant Reyto use their power to destroy the returned Emperor and her grandfather, Darth Sidiousat the concurrent battle of Exegol.

A human maleCaleb Dume was born thirty-three years before the Battle of Yavinduring the waning years of the Galactic Republic. As he was integrated into the Jedi Order at a very young age, [8] he would never know his parents[15] for he went straight from his homeworld to the Jedi Temple [16] on Coruscantwhere he would be raised as a Jedi. As a younglingDume met Jedi Master Luminara Unduli once, remembering her as "brave, compassionate and disciplined.

There is no try," although he did not fully comprehend what Yoda meant [17] during his practice duels with fellow initiates such as Sammo Quid and Tai Uzuma.Writer's Message ; Cosplay Isn't Consent!

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But, cosplaying while doing it with the person you love is thrilling Turning a suspicious glare to the Stormtrooper advancing toward him, Ezra's eyes opened wide with surprise and happiness the second the man removed his helmet! It was Kanan, smiling back at him widely!

The kid rose from his sitting position and rushed to embrace his lover with emotions, getting warmly wrapped in the man's arms. He wanted to stay like this, in this wonderful hold, for longer, but Kanan gently grabbed his shoulder to push him back, stooping a little to kiss him.

Kanan Jarrus

Kanan couldn't resist holding him again. He was just so much adorable, it made his heart melt. But, footsteps in the corridor made him frown and clench his grip. Moving away again, he closed the door and turned to tend a cadet's uniform to the kid.

We'll hide ourselves among them and return to the ship unnoticed. Ezra nodded and took the disguise in hands before turning back to depose it on the metal bench and undress. Kanan wished to give him intimacy and turned away, but the long week away from him, longing for his tender skin under his, mixed with the sound of the cloth falling on the ground, made his mind run wild with his imagination.

He knew the body of his sweet soulmate better than his own, and the thoughts he had made him glance at Ezra from above his shoulder. He was pulling up the white pants to cover his round, tan ass, his torso still bare naked. Taking a deep breath, Kanan moved his hand to the door's control board and pushed a few buttons before turning to walk toward Ezra.

He wrapped his arms around the thin chest, startling the kid who stopped while he had his arms raised to put on the helmet. I can't hold back anymore. Ezra dropped his arms, posing a hand on the man's forearms. He leaned back his head on his lover's shoulder, whispering with a honeyed voice in his ear. Kanan moved a hand to raise the white shirt, sliding his fingers on the belly and chest's soft skin, moving his other hand to gently hold the thin neck while kissing it tenderly.

His sweet voice whispered to the kid. I am your officer and you are my sweet subordinate. Be prepared for your reprimand.

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